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A spring day

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Bonsoir, good evening, it is a bit too late in the day to be inspired to talk on and on about something you absolutely want to read about at this time, so here is a quick blog just to let you know that the shop has been filled with a few new products (only small amounts available of each) and my favourite is the sugar-free homemade chocolate coated prunes! Xylitol has always been one of my favourite sweeteners, eaten in reasonable amounts of course otherwise it will act too much as a laxative.

l am also enjoying having made the mixed box of chocolates.

And a tiny box of pralines!

Let's not forget the flat prunes boxes. Those are pitted prunes with no filling, lazily dipped in chocolate. You can tell the difference in size of the prunes.

There are also bars of an interesting medium bar l have been thinking about for a while and l made today: milk chocolate with added ground coffee from 100 house, to make the shell for a salted caramel sauce centre.

l have no photos of those as l need to find some fabric first, so may do tomorrow.

That is it!

It is time for bed.

Wish my best wishes, and good, conscious dreams!


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