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Mascagnées: Collection of imperfect tablettes

Les mascagnées sont arrivées! Mascagner is an old Occitan word which means to struggle, when doing something. Mascagnées bars are imperfect looking. This blog is just a warning to say l had gathered up a collection of mascagnées tablettes bars, to offer to my customers, at a greatly reduced price. Great for those of us on a budget!

You will be able to read more on the mascagnée page about the Occitan word mascagner. (l keep writing too much don't l, on my products description!) They are not the most beautiful tablettes, but they are still very tasty and they can also be melted in a warm drink if you prefer a hot chocolate. (add a bit of corn starch to some cold water/milk at first and it will make the hot chocolate a lot thicker and emulsified rather than have bits of chocolate floating in it). l recommend the spicy Cathare milk bar as a hot chocolate, as it is quite spicy just on its own. First come first serve, there aren't many mascagnées bars in many flavours, but there are a lot of the salted caramel in milk (oooohhhh!) a couple in dark chocolate, a few fig pistachio cardamom in dark, and all the others which you can check if you are interested, on the mascagnées page. Thank you for reading the blog! It is dinner time so l won't be writing any more. Tomorrow, Barry is coming to help me to make the first batch of dark chocolate, Moor Heather honey, pollen and dehydrated apple bars! Many customers are waiting for those... more to come in the blog soon! NOTE: if you wish to put another order soon for the heather honey bars which are not yet on sale, or will want to place another order in a few weeks, if you wish me to keep the mascagnées bars of your choice and have them sent with your next order, please pay for them and select the free postage option: "collect at market/Croft farm" and write me a note in the comment box asking to keep those bars for you till you are ready to do another order, so postage is combined. l have added a few pence on the postage cost to contribute to postage boxes which have gone up a lot since last year, but am willing to combine postage, particularly for those who can only afford such a treat every so often.

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