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News and histoires!

We have been awarded the Gold Bursary by the Ludlow Food Festival this year, so this was shocking and delightful news as well as being given a bursary stall at the BBC Winter Good Food show in Birmingham!!

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Well, l am pleased to say the Ludlow bursary food fair stall brought in an amazing £300 for the Saturday, which is nothing when you know that the stall costs £150 per day. It is a lot of money to lose for the "honour" of being there. The birmingham show which ran over 4 days , from the Thursday to Sunday, made just above £800, which is nothing when you know the proper stalls there cost a minimum of £1200 for the whole show, which is what l would have had to pay if l had wanted a stall. l felt very honoured to be chosen, but what this showed me was: "Do not go the corporate way, do…

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