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The rustic door to the Continuum Conceits chocolate kitchen

l have been quiet lately because l have been enjoying doing a bit of work on the shop area in the chocolate barn. Since l moved in, there were some jobs which needed doing which l was keeping for a rainy day, or in this case, for a heat wave. l enjoyed doing a bit of painting, a bit of cleaning, sewing a new bag to put bags in...and painting my white door with more white, then deciding it needed a bit of black to be black and white, like the wagtail! After l had done the door, and got the approval of Rosie, my landlady who said she liked it (l was very relieved) l then had to do a little close-up video of it and post it everywhere, pavaning like a peacock with my new door. So, here it is! The new Continuum Conceits' kitchen door!

and here is the video (6 mins long) if you would like to see the close-ups and some explanations about it. It even represents the Agen prunes dipped in chocolate! They are supposed to be the Armagnac prune puree ones but they are looking a bit square...

PS: l apologise for the profusion of blogs today, but l am now going to post another one about my very much enjoyed fruit-and-nuts milk chocolate bars.

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