After years of customers at the market moaning at me because l didn't have plain bars they could buy, and recently, sadened and outraged online customers ganging on me wanting plain chocolate with no fancy bits in, l have decided to make a few.

Saying that, l did tell my market customers that those bars weren't interesting, but they didn't bother listening to advice, they want them, and they want them yesterday, so they get it tomorrow.


Now is your chance to try the chocolate on its own - the dark 76% cocoa content, and the milk l am still calculating how much cocoa content it is, it should be 42% but l amchallenged with maths so it may well be 44% or more, depending how heavy handed l am adding dark chocolate .

It is just lovely chocolate and you won't want to buy it anywhere else.

See ingredients section to see how it is produced.


Ingredients: cocoa mass, sugar, (milk powder if milk chocolate version) vanilla extract

May contain traces of nuts.

Sold by weight.

Dominican Republic plain chocolate