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Those are soft-centered bars made with some of the Solstice ganaches, made in this special 65g bar format which is for those who know, the same bar mould as the Caramel and toasted nuts bars.

They are made and sold without artwork, no-fuss-no-fancy-packaging, so you can buy them cheaper and l can sell them faster. We all win and you get to enjoy those very special ganaches.
They are pretty tasty, and l particularly like the marzipan and yuzu citrus ganache, as l always enjoy something new. The others are all delicious, though l cannot taste the mint one, being on homeopathy treatment, l am not allowed mint. (what a pity... l have heard from Barry that the cardamom can be tasted as l thought l hadn't put enough when l tasted it when l made it)
There are 4 flavours available: 

Garden poppy seed, mind and cardamom ganache:  Ingredients: cream, white chocolate,(cocoa butter, MILK powder, sugar, vanilla) non-homogenised cream, unrefined sugar, toasted poppy seeds, field mint extract, cardamom powder, sorbitol 

Pink guava, passion fruit and Sichuan pepper :Ingredients: white chocolate (cocoa butter, MILK powder, sugar, vanilla), non-homogenised cream, Spanish pink guava puree, passion fruit juice, unrefined sugar, Sichuan pepper, sorbitol 

French walnut praline: Ingredients: Milk and dark chocolate (cocoa mass, MILK powder, sugar, vanilla) non-homogenised cream, this year's season french walnuts, sorbitol  Contains NUTS (this is a rather dark ganache, so it is NOT as sweet as normal pralines) 

Premises marzipan and Yuzu citrus ganache: (2 flavours in 1 bar) Ingredients: dark chocolate (cocoa mass 76%, sugar, vanilla extract) Spanish almond powder , unrefined sugar , bitter almond extract; Spanish Yuzu citrus  zest and candied yuzu, Yuzu and lemon juice, white chocolate ((cocoa butter, MILK powder, sugar, vanilla), sorbitol. Contains NUTS.

Ma's bars with ganache

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