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Some of you who have known Continuum Conceits for a long time will know that for many years, l used to make fabric bags to offer customers who wanted a bit more to present their chocolate gift. They were very popular, but l have not had time for years to make any, to my great sadness, as l do love sewing. 

The clock has turned back, and l cannot wait any longer to enjoy myself: l have made some bags again for those who would like to send a gift with this extra, unique presentation.
l have had countless customers coming back at the market,  telling me about the bag(s) they had from the stall, which they use to hang in their kitchen to dry herbs in, or to put their make-up in, their knitting project or just use as an easy carrier bag.  l even have a customer who collects them! 

l used to make them as fast as l could, with whatever fabric l could find, and they all looked different.  Today, l will present you with a theme, and some random colours also.


Unique, hand-crafted, beautiful bags: and it is not all. Every order over £100 will receive a free medium bag! If you do have a colour preference and your preference shows as available, please write it in the comment section when placing your order.  

The bags l have made today are of different styles: the more pricey ones are made with the addition of a cotton lining, so they will be stronger,  the handles are also made of fabric, for strength and durability. 
They are made with vintage fabric, and are made from cotton/silk/viscose depending on the pattern.

The cheaper bags have no linings, are smaller, and may be made with any kind of fabric; they may have handles made of ribbon instead of fabric, or no handles at all.
Those bags will be random, whatever l have l will send you one of, it makes less work for the website so they can be cheaper.  

All the bags have the Continuum Conceits label on the front, and some also have cotton Continuum Conceits ribbon inside as well. 

l hope you will enjoy using those bags like l enjoy making them! What a joy to see them back!

PS: the bags will come flat-packed on top of the order or will hold the order if you would like to and write a note in the order comments. 

Handmade fabric gift bags

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