Orange, Seville orange,  lemon,  grapefruit and tangerine skins are candied on the premises: a long and worthwhile process which l have been doing for the last 5-6 years .

The peel are crispier than shop-bought peels and have a lot of citrusy flavour to them; it makes those tablettes deliciously unique, hand-made, giving this beautiful combination.

The fruit was imported directly from the farmers using a farm-direct scheme a customer told me about ( The lemons and tangerines came from Italy, the grapefruit and oranges from Spain. The fruit was deliciously fresh and the skin candied even better than usual. l did try to make jam with the flesh but only managed one, the others got burned (... l am not a jam maker!! You leave it 5 minutes when it is not even hot,  you come back and it is all caught and burned. 'Evil' jams!)


Ingredients: cocoa mass, sugar, (milk powder if milk chocolate version) vanilla extract, tangerine, orange, lemon, grapefruit peel.
May contain traces of nuts.


Available in 42% milk chocolate* or 76% dark chocolate*.


Suitable for vegan diet in dark chocolate.


Sold by weight, £58 /kg


The process of making this tablette is very time consumming and special - candying the peel takes a week, drying it takes another few days, and it has to be hand-cut before making the bars. (+£ per kilo)
  l have thought about it and l may discontinue this citrus bar next year as it has been a very busy hard-work year and l may need a rest from all the candying. It is a shame as it is one of my favourite bars and l have done it for a good 5 years! The citrus has such individual aroma... 

Enjoy it while it is there! (While, or "whilst"?  My English lessons are a long time ago now..)

Home-Candied Citrus Tablette – Tablette écorces d’agrumes confites maison

  •   41% Milk Chocolate,   76% Dark Chocolate