Orange* , Seville orange*,  lemon*,  grapefruit* and tangerine* skins are candied on the premises: a long and worthwhile process: the peel are crispier than shop-bought peels and have a lot of citrusy flavour to them; it makes those tablettes deliciously unique, hand-made, giving this beautiful combination.
The fruit was imported directly from the farmers using a farm-direct scheme a customer told me about. The lemons and nectarines came from Italy, and the grapefruit and oranges from Spain. The fruit was deliciously fresh and the skin candied even better than usual. l did try to make jam with the innards but only managed one, the others got burned (... l am not a jam maker!! You leave it 5 minutes when it isn't even hot,   you come back and it is all caught and burned! Evil stuff )


Available in 42% milk chocolate* or 76% dark chocolate*.


Suitable for vegan diets in Dark chocolate.


Sold by weight.

Home-Candied Citrus Tablette – Tablette écorces d’agrumes confites maison

  •   41% Milk Chocolate,   76% Dark Chocolate