This tablette is made using all local Herefordshire/Welsh ingredients: Local honey and pollen from John Fletcher in Presteigne and local apples by Weobley Ash Orchards (unsprayed, grown organically apples).
The apples are dehydrated and the honey is runny when working with it but may be set when you receive it as it will set with time. 

It is available in either  dark chocolate, or "milk and dark chocolate"(one layer of dark chocolate on the front side of the tablette, then filled with milk chocolate.) 

This bar is very labour intensive in its making, hence the cost per kilo is higher.
Limited stock available.


Ingredients: cocoa mass, sugar, (milk powder if milk chocolate version), local raw honey, local pollen, dehydrated chopped apples,  vanilla extract.
May contain traces of nuts.


Dark version is only suitable for vegan diet if the person does consumme honey.  

Sold by weight (£58/kg). 


Note: this beautiful new fabric is called "Apple blossoms" from  Patricia Shea Design (@designconfections) - you can find this very fine fabric artist on Instagram and she very kindly scaled her original design for me so it would fit on the small sample of fabric l sew on the sleeves.  She is based in Manchester (nearly local!) .

Presteigne honey, pollen, and apple

  •   Milk and Dark Chocolate,  76% Dark Chocolate