l am pleased to announce an exciting arrival -   2 special edition white tablette bars are  available today!

One of them has already been on the website a few years ago and is one of my forever favourites, mango, linseed and bitter almond essence (no nuts) in white 32% cocoa content.
The mango was dehydrated on the premises using delicious, sunripe Indian honey mangoes. The linseed and the bitter almond just add to the mix something different and delicious.

The second tablette available is a luxury fruit and nuts  - with extra pistachios, hazels, and green raisins. It has extra vanilla added to it.
There are only a few bars of those available so l will leave you to contemplate them if you are a white chocolate fan!
This is made with organic chocolate also from the Dominican republic variety, grown and processed organically.


Special editions * WHITE* chocolate bars