Bonjour et bonsoir! 

Thank you for taking advantage of the new items in the shop! l am enjoying this very much, it is lovely to be able to make new bars, present them to you and you may well show an interest in them. A dream come true! It makes it very much fun for me. May it entertains you too!

NEW PAYMENT OPTION:  l have set-up the Wix debit-credit card payment - so if you want to us that instead of Paypal, you will have to click on the black "checkout"   button instead of the paypal button, and it will take you to the card payment page. Everybody doesn't like Paypal so it is only fair to offer another mean - thank you to the lady customer who contacted me about this today.  

If you have problems with your order, please contact me by email.  Please note if you buy from outside the UK and if you do not select the tracked and signed option, the parcel will not be traceable.   l can confirm parcels to France, Czech Republic and Southern Ireland have arrived with no extra customs duties nor VAT added. What a relief... we can still send nice presents to each other !