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Customer feedback

l will share some customer comments that l have got over the years.

Dear Alexandra.
I will be coming back for more Agen prunes! I was only able to order 3 boxes. I actually wanted 6….but in these trying times I mustn’t be greedy!
My husband also bought some in the summer his parents loved them so much.
It’s a fantastic product.
Thank you


Hi Alexandra,
I’ve  received  your parcel today , I’ve transferred the payment into your account the postage was £2.95 so the total was £45.95 if I’ve added correctly. A small price to pay for such a truly special and unique box of delights.
I haven’t  opened the apostles box yet, but I love the art work on the front. It’s so beautiful and funny,  I‘ll have to steel myself to open it! 
From Pat P.

Hi Alex,
We are just enjoying one of your pruneau d’Agen at a campsite on the Cote d’Azure! 
From Nigel M. [Hum, thanks for the postcard!] 


Hello Alexandra,


Thank you SO much. I love the thought of your handmade chocolates making their way to my grandchildren - now not really children any more - and know they will appreciate your quirky drawings and packaging as much as the chocolates (well, almost). Eat your heart out, Hotel Chocolat.. 

I have enjoyed our conversations too, and wish you so much luck and success - but not too much, as that may corrupt - in your venture. Hooray for individual enterprise and quirkiness.  

Bonnes fêtes!
From Angela D.

Agen prunes in chocolate
Ganache filled Easter eggs with caramel

Hi Alexandra,
The caramel egg was AMAZING. My husband said it’s the best Easter egg he’s had! My Dad was given the other egg so hopefully he’ll love it as much! You are very talented.

From Kate A.


Dear Alexandra,

Thank you so much for your care and prompt delivery of the delicious chocolate!

We 'discovered' you when we were on holiday in Herefordshire last year. (We bought our first bars at a fabulous newly-opened gift shop opposite The Green man in Fownhope. I'm sorry I can't remember the name of the shop!) We then traced you from your packaging!

We have never tasted such delicious chocolate and will order from you again for sure....for now we are taking it easy and only allowing ourselves a little each day as a treat!!

There are no words for the ginger ganache Easter egg! Just heaven!

I hope you are well and that your business is thriving, as it deserves.
From Sue G.

Hi Alexandra, AMAZING eggs!!! thank you soooo much..I have ordered more as I want to share the experience with my family...(and N. and I need another one or two!!!: ) ) xxx
From Marika M.


Hello Alexandra,

I got this from my sister yesterday:


‘Something utterly and fabulously exciting has just come in the post and I think my wildest and unspoken hopes have been realized. XXX’
I think the package has arrived....unless it was the gold bullion I sent..

She is a big fan of your chocs! 

Many thanks again. 

She and I are both very happy.

From Miranda C.

Dear Alexandria,


As I read the review of your chocolates early Sunday morning in The Observer on my iPad, I thought, "I MUST order some of these immediately"! I was, obviously, NOT the only person thinking the same, as when I actually placed the order several hours later, you had virtually SOLD OUT of most products. WELL DONE. I actually managed to order a selection of small bars which are WONDERFUL!!!! OMG, you are absolutely brilliant . Everything about your chocolate is lovely.....the packaging, the typography , the flavour combinations...and best of all, the execution, which is seriously DELICIOUS!!! You have become our favourite Chocolatier and we will be recommending you to anyone who has an interest in divine chocolates. 
From Elizabeth Z.



Dear Alexandra,


We've just eaten a bar of the amazing Peruvian coffee, date et hazelnut chocolate you made. OMG, it was truly chocolate heaven! Absolutely the best chocolate we've ever eaten. 


Thank you so much, it was such a treat. Well done on producing such an incredible product .

From Hugh & E.

Postal box chocolates received in Switzerland


Just finished a bar of your Presteigne honey, pollen et apple chocolate that my son who lives in C. near Presteigne put in my Xmas stocking.
On a dank day in Sussex it has brought a smile to my face. Reluctantly had to share it with my wife.
I have made it clear to my son and his wife that your chocolates are top of the list for gifts next time they visit. Thanks again.
From Alan


Dear Alexandra,


I bought a box of your Apostles Black Chocolates for my wife’s stocking this Christmas.

For very many previous years I had found excellent chocolates in Strasbourg or elsewhere in Northern France.  My attempts to maintain this tradition in 2020 were hopeless.  In fact I was in despair about the standard of English Chocolatiers!

Then by some extraordinary chance I stumbled upon your excellent Herefordshire chocolates.  They are really very good and stand alongside the best.  Thank God we have some French gastronomique standards in this country!! 

I look forward to exploring your Easter Egg selection.
From Richard D.


Just writing to let you know that your sweets went down amazingly with my family and friends, the box design was a surprise for them. Your prunes were well delicious. Thank you so much
From Ashley B.


Good morning Alexandra,
I just wanted to say thanks so much for the chocolates...You are right I enjoyed them so much I ordered some more. So much to love...the gorgeous artwork...the pied wagtail is one of my favourite birds too! And of course my home country Scotland being depicted on the fruit and nut. The ginger chocolate was amazing...I'm crazy for ginger...and the citrus too.
I have yet to open the fruit and nut or caramel. The caramel medium bars are for a special family visit where I will put the bars in my guests' rooms as individual welcome treats. You are right...being in contact with creative people is inspiring so thank you....and do enjoy your rest and recharge your mind body and spirit. When you return the world will happy to eat your chocolate again!
From Jennifer M.


Dear Alexandra, I would like to thank you for the very fast delivery of your chocolates. They are absolutely delicious (it was, inevitably, Annalisa's review that prompted my initial purchase) and the salted caramel is the best I have had: I am all too often disappointed by salted caramel but by not yours.

[...] The citrus chocolate I ordered last time was excellent; the slight bitterness from the peel was a great contrast to the chocolate itself.
The lavender disc you included was lovely: I
had never tried lavender chocolate before and was doubtful as to whether or not I'd like it but it was a revelation.
  I am therefore really looking forward to trying the other flavours that I ordered. I don't always go this bonkers about chocolate much as I love the stuff. Yours, however, is worth a rave review. Best wishes,
From Victoria I.



Message: No need to reply! This is just a thank you for adding in a Happy Easter to my family when you packed up their orders last week. Your chocolate is very special and makes a lovely present, with the care extending to the packaging as well so that it is truly a pleasure to give as to receive!
From Abby N.


Salted Caramel Ile-De-Re chocolate in Taiwan

Message: I have just bought a bar of your fig, pistachio and cardamom chocolate from your market stall in Leominster. Absolutely delicious ! The best dark chocolate I have tasted. Thank you.
From Diane W.


I just wanted to say... That I have NEVER tasted chocolate as good as yours and I have eaten a fair bit. Oh my goodness, it is divine! I don’t know how you do it, but don’t stop. :0)
From Sally B.


Hi Alex,


I came over today and bought lots of bars of chocolate, on my way home to Devon.  I got home and just ate the small orange wrapped caramel and nut egg you gave me for free as I was leaving.  It is absolutely delicious and I would like to buy lots more !  Do you sell them?  Can I order online or over the phone and get them sent ? 


By the way, I now really like the aniseed chocolate - did not like it at first, but on the way home I ate the rest of the sample you gave me, and changed my mind.


Many thanks !


From Faith B. (a convert to aniseed Albi chocolate! The rabbits were only made as gifts for Easter :)

Continuum Conceits chocolate goes to Taiwan

I received my order today - it has arrived so quickly.
I am looking forward to trying your chocolates - I haven’t yet. My first order was sent to my son who is living in Taiwan.

He and his girlfriend, Sarina, love hiking (and chocolate) - and this photo I attach is of Sarina in the Jade Mountain range in Taiwan, holding one of your bars.
‘Delicious’ was her verdict. She usually chooses dark chocolate but says milk chocolate is good for hiking.

My friend Peter’s thoughts:’Beautifully, beautifully wrapped with hand written labels - rum and raisin a hit and also ginger’
Kind regards,
From Celia M.
[photo posted with Sarina's authorisation]

Dear Alexandra,

The parcel arrived safely today. 

Thank you for the little extras. Much appreciated. We love your chocolate and I give it to friends when we go for dinner etc. 

We ration ourselves 3 squares after dinner at home.....


We hope to be off to France in late February. I shall take some bars for our neighbours.

Felix, my son, said they were the best chocolates he had ever had.

Mary x


Hi Alexandra.
A reader told me about your chocolates. They were amazing. I’ve written about them in my 1st August 2021 column, you may want to stock up a bit.

Best wishes


From Annalisa B.


Hi Alex,
my supply is running low. I like the wrapping so much I cant throw it away !  I was meant to give some as presents but did not happen.

Now I will try your Armagnac prunes, and also order more of my favourite - cardamom, pistachio and date.  Do you have any hazelnut caramel chocolate the same as the eggs ? 

[A few days later]

Hello, in this heat, I tried putting my favourite flavour chocolate bar in the  fridge for a few hours before eating, and it has now hit new levels of perfection! Pistachio, fig and cardamom should win awards. So good....!
From Faith B.


Customer keeps artistic hand-sewn chocolate wrappers
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