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Here are a few links l would like to share with you. They are friends or companies/people l trust or are very good at what they do, in my opinion. l have not been given any discounts nor profit from advertising them here.

Herefordshire Holiday barn: Come and visit us here at Croft Farm, in the converted barn my landlords have converted themselves, which is opposite the chocolate kitchen! Dogs welcome, sleeps up to 4 people.

 The Cart Shed (it doesn't sound glamourous but it is amazing inside)  You will get a hamper including chocolate samples! 

Local Wholefood shop: A very good wholefood shop in Weobley, where you will find no nonsense and an array of bulk products, ran by Mark and Mary with Adam's help: a small company. They also do delivery and will talk about globalism if you are interested in that sort of thing.  They sell extensive dry goods, nuts, seeds, pulses - but no frozen/fresh foods.

Survival Wholefoods (can be found on the Industrial estate in Weobley)

Web design/SEO: A good designer, reliable, hard working and loves being treated with great respect and honest communication: Richard at
Eek Designs, for all your SEO and website building needs. Please look after him, he is amazing: and he will look after you back! l cannot say how grateful l am at all the work he has done on my website. Fast service, but most of all very friendly and courteous. 

Hereford Fish restaurant: A great restaurant who uses fresh fish from Cornwall, which comes in every day! 
The menu changes daily and you can order small dishes to share with your friends and loved ones or just for yourself if you don't like sharing. It is very inventive and the staff is very friendly, helpful, and so is the boss* who is also one of the chefs. I wish them well and go and visit them as often as l can - l love what they stand for, innovation, and it is affordable! 

 Balcony Number 9 can be found behind the Polish shops street in Hereford town centre. It is on the top floor of a small centre just by the Blue Cross charity shop, off Widemarsh Street, on Bewell Street. They have very wide opening hours and if you enjoy alcohol, they pride themselves in innovative cocktails too!
* Sorry, l don't know your name!

Leominster plant based restaurant: This restaurant is a non-profit, charity restaurant where you will find food prepared with care, 100% plant based, no animal products, with an Indian twist to the flavours. The prices are very reasonable and they do sell out of food very quickly  every day, so it is best you do get there early. The staff are not paid and are all volunteers. A great business, with great drinks (freshly made water kefir!!) and great people.  At
Plantastic you will l hope have a lovely cosy time!l recommend very much!
PS they don't have a website but have a personal Facebook page;  as l don't agree with Facebook l am not pasting the link here, you can find it if you look for it yourself. 

Handmade arts and crafts shop: You may have heard of Made in the Marches which is this little shop in Kington which Annie opened several years ago, to support the local artists and makers community. They have very varied goods and some of the objects in there are really worth looking at and buying, for gifts or for yourself if you want to support independent, entreprenarial persons who are very creative.
"Made in the Marches"

Kitchen goods shop: While you are in Kington, feel free to visit a wonderful kitchen shop - if you go in there you will want to buy many things you didn't know you needed. It is a great shop and the owner, Gareth, is one of the organisers of the Kington Food Fair which he does voluntarily and is very deserving of your business. He also does amazing ice-cream in the summer (he is a wonderful chef!) 

Here to
Bees Knees Cook shop! 
Also, don't forget to visit every other great shop in Kington, the Grapevine greengrocers, the Walking hub shop, the coffee shops, the post office... 

l will think of which other links l like l can post on here, and will update this page which it happens. 


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