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Boxes have arrived!

Midwinter selection boxes are now available!

i haven’t got much time now to tell you all about the exciting adventures which lead again to the Apostles selection being born, and the Agen prunes stuffed with ganaches as well!

you will find them in the shop, and l will be back later when l have packed 75 ,all assortment boxes with the help of Barry.

I am at Kington food fair tomorrow, Leominster Victorian fair next Saturday and bishops Castle market the Saturday 14th December, if you wish to come to a local market.

There is limited stock for all the boxes, and there are some Royal Mail strikes coming (one a week it seems) so l will do my best to be prompt posting your parcels, but best do it in advance to arrive in time for Solstice Christmas celebration day.

Thank you for reading, I hope you are all keeping warm and well,


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