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Drawings on the order notice

l am posting this for educational purposes of what you will find when you receive your Continuum Conceit's handmade chocolates parcel. This box, which you have waited for for so long, you neatly and methodically open, delicately to see the contents of, while imagining what the chocolate may taste like. Or, you may rip it open ravagely, ravenously, with your teeth. Till you discover this order note.

Most of you do already know some of those order notes drawings that you have had with your order(s): a piece of paper printed with a little drawing which varies. There have 8 different "designs" and here they are, for you to enjoy the full collection of drawings, drawn on the premises by the chocolatière who should really be making chocolates instead, and printed with my faithful printer Samsung of which l am very pleased to have the service. Here they are: Number 1

Feeding time with the wagtails. l bet this one is finding its own food when its mum isn't looking.

Number 2:

Penne d'Agenais is where the prunes come from. Number 3:

We have 2 ducks here and when they were young l did see a wagtail eating with them once.

Number 4:

#LoveCorporations has less than 100 posts on Instagram, were you pleased to know? l was. Even though l secretly love corporations. The larger, the better. l like knowing l am just a number.

Number 5:

La bière anglaise ... ? It must be a Belgian beer the wagtail is looking at.

Number 6:

Those camel-like creatures are not camels, but Welsh sheep.

Number 7:

Not much happens in that one, it is definitely not offensive.

Number 8:

Wagtail in love with his reflection. We are not talking narcissism here but mirror-work.

You do get a very random design, and it is printed on thin paper, so it is no good for a book mark unlike the artisan handsewn (using the hand to activate the machine) chocolate sleeves which make great bookmarks, or so l am told. Sometimes l take time to look at those designs and wished l had imagination to make some more or to print them into postcards that the customer could write a message on for their loved one. The ideas will come l am sure. Happy July to you who is reading this. Thank you for your time, it is what we have of most precious! Bonne nuit!

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