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Easter egg mania

The easter eggs are being done as we write (they are resting now) and here is something to give you an idea.

All the flavours are not made yet, in fact some flavours are only available in one kind of chocolate .

It is a very busy time, my eyes hurt from editing images and drawing all day, so l will leave you here and would like to add l would like to put the Easter eggs for sale next week.

They will not be posted till the beginning of April - Easter being the 17th thereabouts.

They are of course, plastic-free. l have sourced some cellulose cellophane for the wrappers, and some will also have some coloured aluminium.

Hazelnuts praline with lemon and coriander
Blue cellophane and yellow hemp string

Rum and raisin praline ganache.
Run and raisins praline eggs

Easter eggs titles

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