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Easter eggs and chocolate news!

Good morning, It has been a nice beginning of year in the chocolate world, resting and planning what l will be doing next in the handmade line of local gifts and chocolates. Valentines having been 'skillfully' ignored, (a no-no for any chocolate company as any excuse to make money is a good excuse) l bypassed February and concentrated on making the ever-so-popular back-stock instead. It takes a long time to make everything, while going back to the markets which is always a shock after a much needed rest at Christmas. Fortunately, no markets for me in January! Eventually, March arrived and l thought l better give a thought to what Easter eggs flavours l would do this year. Everything is quite last minute for me, it is a joyful and great responsibility to have such a successful chocolate company. l kept the favourites handmade, thick shelled Easter eggs from last year. the Armagnac prune ganache, the caramel and caramel and nuts, as well as the Penybont Spice because it is lush even if it can be a bit chewy. The fresh ginger ganache was also kept but with the addition of a little lemon zest this time, as this is a favourite with my discerning market customers who love ginger and dark chocolate. The new egg flavour this year is blood orange and bergamot: a box of delicious blood oranges arrived from Spain, and the Grapevine in Kington was selling amazing looking bergamots in January, which l bought 3 of. They looked so beautiful, l have a photo somewhere which will probably get uploaded on instagram when l get round to it. Instagram and social media being my top priority, l give it much time every so often. So, this makes 6 egg flavours to chose from, and to reward the early customers who are pre-ordering the eggs on the website, l am offering a 15% discount on the egg price. As explained on the Easter eggs page, by the end of March the listing will change to a buy-it-now listing and the prices will increase to their normal price. More shop news: The Armagnac prunes have come back in stock, as well as the caramel bars and tablettes, and the fig pistachio and cardamom is now back in dark chocolate after being sold out for a few weeks. Some of the old flavours are now discontinued, and some flavours will only be made in dark chocolate as they are a slow seller in milk chocolate: mainly the coffee, date and hazelnut, and the candied ginger when it runs out. The candied citrus has now sold out. Thank you to all those of you who did enjoy it! Thanks to shrinking my normal stock, l will be able to have more play-time and experiment with new flavours, particularly with a carob bar which would be theobromine-free and full of the carob natural nutrient and health-giving properties, which l am very much looking forward to. This is it for now, l must get back to the kitchen and get some of those eggs done, starting with the dark chocolate. The eggs will be ready to post by the end of March. Thank you for reading and for your interest in the Continuum Conceits, French chocolate!

With blessings and hoping this finds you vital and well,


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