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It is coming !

To bite some of us in the backside. Christmas. Loved Christmas. With its traditions and people liking to break them, which is a curious move towards a stronger community. l am doing my best at the moment to produce the Christmas chocolate series for this year 2023. But l seem to be a little later, than l thought maybe. Losing myself some customers. This is the best l can do at the state of health l am at, says Homeopathy. A science worth studying with someone like the good homeopath Chris Jacob who is teaching a group of us, how to understand homeopathy through Hahnemann. How we could revisit the theory of the germ and virus. l wish l could work harder, faster and be more productive. So, thank you for the few of you who will wait to order the chocolate boxes on the website, they should be superb, l have some amazing flavours. My favourite being pink guava, passion fruit and sichuan pepper, with no colourings. l am in a meditative place when l taste it. l am grateful to have your eye and your distinction of taste (what do you mean this is flattery?) Thank you for waiting to the dawn of the 29th November, when sales for Christmas post can start.

Good night! Alexandra PS if you shower me with lots of orders before the 29th l may well do them over 2 postal days per week and not running to the post office every day. This takes a good hour out during which l can't do chocolates. Thank you for your patience.

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