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Last discounts - sale on soft-centered tablettes

Dear customers, With our economic climate and the mainstream media telling us we are in a recession, mortgages prices going up and interest rates going down (have they been worthwhile in the last few years? It doesn't seem so on my saver's account) we have been tightening our belts (or at least, some of us) and wondering how to make it through this challenging time.

We all know chocolate helps in those times when the world out there is telling us to stop enjoying life. Chocolate brings us joy, well-being, and helps us produce dopamine and other lovely hormones, l don't have the list on me but chocolate helps us feel good. For those fortunate enough to afford artisan made chocolate, l have a special deal for you for the next few days (till stock runs out) on the soft centre tablette bars. The non-alcoholic bars are now all reduced to £4.90 (even the raspberry toffee sauce!) and the tablettes with alcoholic ganaches are all reduced to £6.50. It will of course not help for the electricity bill, but some of those bars will keep for months and will support you when the dreaded enveloppe(s) come through the door. For those waiting till the end of January and their pay-check and who cannot order now, l am happy to keep an order aside for you till you can pay at the end of the month, just email me with what you would like me to keep. Of course, l would not want to push anyone who is on a tight budget to spend money they do not need to spend, on something as fancy as the Continuum Conceits chocolates (even though it is a very important food!) and l trust you will make the right choice for yourself, for the best. On my side, it has been a really good end of year last year and l am still January-resting, l have not started making any of my back stock yet, (cardamom fig and pistachio is out of stock!!) and l am only loosely thinking about which Easter egg flavours l will select from last year's mighty 10 flavours, which are being shrunk to 4 or 5 this year. Minimise the work, less stress, enjoy Life more. That is my plan! All the best to everyone, Alexandra

Ps: l forgot to say, those soft-centered tablettes will make a wonderful Saint Valentine's present, and for the ones decorated with holly and holly berries, we all know the holly isn't just for Christmas, but is there to remind us of passion too, with the red of the berries. Definitely. It isn't just a badly chosen festive fabric which l was finishing up. You can tell your loved one that the holly bars are infused with extra passion and love, they are, l just asked them to carry that thought.

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Chris Stroud
Chris Stroud
Jan 23, 2023

That's a fantastic offer, Alexandra. I will definitely be making a beeline for some tablettes ( soft-centred just like you) though with a hard edge, thank goodness.

And by the way, JOYEUSE ANNEE - hope 2023 turns out well.



Replying to

Thank you so much for the comment Chris, it is so kind of you to let us know your thoughts! Soft-centre and hard edge, perfect. Bonne année à toi aussi Chris, meilleurs voeux!

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