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Paques arrive! (avec un accent circonflexe sur le A)

The Easter Eggs are indeed being made, I love that time of year when making different shapes with chocolate and fillings. THis year, we have 7 flavours of easter eggs ONLY (rather than 17 the last few years…) and they will probably not make it to the website (it’s sod’s law, I am trying to stir there!) this year again. However, the flavours you will find at the market are:

Butter Guerande salted Caramel sauce (please keep in the fridge as the caramel is messy) Ginger ganache with extra organic candied ginger (as seen in this picture) (vegan) Penybont Spice layer (very spicy this time, dairy-free but contains honey for Vegans) Knapton Candied lemon and orange peel Marzipan de Knapton Rose and cashew nut PRALINE Berry ganache (strawberries and raspberries)

I will not do any special orders now. Even if you insist. What do you mean, you want 10 rum and raisins ganache eggs by next week? Ok, special price for special commissions. £7 each instead of the £5.50 for the traditional stock. Large eggs are £12.50 and on special order are £15.

By the way, I have more tablettes with exciting flavours to make a page for, on the shop page. All will happen for those who will be patient. It is on my list of things to do! It is however quite a lot of hard work, regular markets, a part-time job and this very exciting website building adventure. And, making stock. All in time. Oh yes, if you want any other tablette that you know I make (your friends told you) you can email me about it and we can sort something out.

Au revoir maintenant!

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