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The last Easter eggs are now on sale

You have been amazing at ordering the Easter eggs which most of you had not tried before - l have been blessed and very happy at all the sales that have happened. Thank you! Some of you have already given me some feedback, which is great! There are still a few eggs left so l am putting them on sale, knowing this week will be the busiest for drop-in customers and there may be some mix up (mix-up is traditional with us and good practice to be awarded best business of the year) so l thank you for bearing with great patience and devouement, while waiting for your chocolate. The egg sale by weight was a real conundrum (quelle mascagne!!) and l shall do them by single price regardless of the weight next year, as it made the whole thing more unnecessarily tiresome AND l still managed to mistake the prices and sell them cheaper, so unnecessary work will not be done next year. Keep it simple, for all of us. l am telling you all my egg plans: next year will be on order only on the website, and l will have a few unspoken for eggs for sale on there at the end of March - but with very few flavours. The number of flavours will also drop to 7 next year, instead of 10. It has been interesting to see certain flavours mostly sell in either milk or dark chocolate, but not both. Those will be targeted next year so there are more of the flavour that sold well. Certain flavours like mint and ginger sell better in dark, and caramel sells better in milk (was that to do with a certain review?!) but caramel WITH nuts sells better in dark...

Also, as l had been terribly busy, l had not been able to make enough of my special Easter treats which l gave to customers who ordered over £50 but then felt sorry not to be able to give one, at least a little egg, to those with smaller orders, as l didn't have enough of them; and l should really have given a tiny egg to every order even those without Easter eggs, just to wish them a happy Easter - and didn't. They weren't made. Those treats did vary in flavour but all involved caramel: the first milk chocolate rabbit was caramel and rum raisin ganache filled, the second rabbit, now also made in dark, is caramel and rose praline ganache with extra orange essence. The half eggs (4.5cm) are caramel and toasted nuts. The miniature eggs are the rose praline essence, the only one without caramel(2.5cm egg, you can't put much filling in there).

What will l do now all the orders have gone and some of my good customers didn't get a present? Well, l will offer you (if it is your case) the opportunity to send me a message and ask me to keep one for you if you are planning to order in the future. l love receiving little presents and l didn't quite know how to do with online ordering and such things, so what you get extra will vary in size and flavour... but in this case, this beautiful rabbit, worth £3.95, is yours or a half caramel-nuts egg (worth £1.50) if you let me know it is and you have ordered in March-April this year, regardless of the amount you spent. Joyeuses Paques a tous! (avec l'accent circonflexe) Happy Easter to you all! Thank you all for your valued custom, and great feedback!

the 3 rabbits. You can tell the first one l drew - bottom left. He is looking a bit shaky as he had too much rum raisins ganache! (l had never drawn a rabbit with an advertising belly before)

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