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Those "Artisan" Continuum Conceits and their handmade wordy art - chocolate ramblings and news

Good evening to you, O soul looking for titillating words to entertain you, raise emotions and hormones of wellbeing or creativity for those coming moments. l will be as spontaneous and the least harduous in this fast "missive"as l can, to challenge myself in writing a piece which will be to my liking, and maybe, to yours, but not strain nor spend more than the next hour over it. 4 lines already and l haven't said anything chocolately interesting yet. How words can be embroidered, don't you think! l couldn't refer to a particular author now but having done French literature for my A levels in 1995, and being forced to read at least a dozen of highly tedious books written by geniuses who can use many many words, mountains of words, and me, poor reader, finding absolutely no meaning in those words, puzzling over their fog, at how to make a summery of this verbal crater? l did my best, but mostly failed in seeing the value of those wordily books - it was like looking for the one flee l knew was there, through a whole German Shepherd who wants to run after this rabbit he just saw hopping on the lawn. It was a wise decision to let litterature go, choosing not go to university to study it further, and come to England, to do literature on Continuum Conceit's blog instead. To lavish you with words that are like a varnish over... What would it be? An understanding of ... chocolate flavours and delighted moments savouring the idea of the texture, the joy of putting a delicious, much loved morcel in one's mouth, passing through our lips if we dare let them touch this melting substance, covering those lips in part with glistening, sweet and bitter brown pleasure, revealing to all our enjoyment of this morcel? Shall l stop there with my words and get to the point: or else l will writing an encyclopedia of words which mean nothing at all to the one looking for the quick fix of the "happy chocolate ever after" . 'The Chocolate! The chocolate, this is ALL we want to know about! Give me my chocolate fix, now, or else, l shall go elsewhere!' says the kind reader, who has had enough of being teased and given nothing at all. Oh, all right. Allez. Do you know what just happened at the Continuum Conceits chocolate kitchen? Some of you already know, l know you know because you sneakily put in an order before l had a chance to announce it on this blog, which l was going to write yesterday but ran out of time before bed-time. A Spring collection of 6 chocolate flavours is here, and it comes with, wait for it, a new Spring drawing for the Continuum Conceits Wagtail drawing collectors!

The drawing represents two rabbits, only because our garden is covered in them at the moment, not just because Easter has just gone, with its ancient symbol of the Hare, the Spring Goddess, cheapened by the big companies (was it during the last century? l should do some research) to become a mere "bunny" rabbit. A rabbit that lays eggs. You know what we say in France about the Easter eggs? It isn't the rabbits that lay the eggs, but the bells of Easter which travel and ring in the skies, for Holy Christ's resurrection, which drop the chocolate eggs throughout our good citizens' gardens, hiding them favourably in the bushes and under our vegetable crops for our little (and big) children to find. This drawing also shows a robin making a nest in a peculiar place. l am still due to go and take a picture of those said nests, as l have seen them with my eyes, but it isn't enough for you, O discerning reader who knows when to spot an exaggeration from a true fact. Those Spring collection handmade , dipped truffle-like chocolates are presented in a box of 6 and a box of 12, which you can find here. You will also find on the website some new Mystery boxes, with the assorted Pot-Luck card to the lid picture, for those of you who are enjoying the collection of those 32 wagtail's adventures drawings.

The other news you may find advantageous is there are a few Easter eggs left, and those eggs are now for sale, for you to find on this chocolate Easter eggs page.

What else is new? There is something else new on the payment page, which is exciting to me as l am taking full advantage of my Wix Premium Membership Business plan, which allows me to connect a "manual payment" to the payment page. l was fiddling with the page on Easter Monday as a treat for my day-off, changing the fonts and colours, and came across this "manual payments"option which allow customers to pay by cheque or cash at pick-up, and also lets them read that l cannot accept Bitcoin payments at this time as l know nothing about it and l am not really willing to learn right this minute, at least not till we have normal fake money still available at our fingertips. (fake as in, it is just numbers in a computer account on someone's server) So, manual payment is now set-up, and because it is all confusing even to me who is sort of used to computers and website, l can only imagine my grandma trying to order chocolates on Continuum Conceit's website to send to me for my birthday, and without someone to show her how to do it, how could she understand where she is to click to get to the option where she could get her cheque-book out to pay the said company? She couldn't do online payment. Manual payment is for her and for those who like vintage ways of paying. So, just for her, pour toi Memée qui es là en esprit, l have made a video explaining the trolley (cart) area of the website, all the way to the payment options. This video is visible here, as a link only as l do not know how to embed youtube videos on this website. By the time it took me to write this sentence, l could of course have gogoled it, and done it.

Ooooh, look, how beautiful! And there is a whole 7 minutes of rambling excitement to watch!!! Merci Gogole! A bientot my dear customers, and thank you to all those who enjoyed the Easter egg, and if anybody needs to contact me about the ginger, thank you for doing it as it was pretty fiery. Alexandra

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