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To a merry festive season!

Dear customers and blog-readers who are yet to become customers, l thank you for your attention, l hope you have spent a good Solstice and a good Christmas day and now enjoying a good Boxing day, hopefully like in North Herefordshire, helped by the sun which is shining its last rays for today. l did not re-write my Apostles adventures blog, when l said l would, and the guilt is eating holes in my consciousness so l am coming here to say "well, it didn't happen", and to be honest, at that time of year, l never usually manage a long, witty rant about much at all. All my available energy has been spent on making stock, fulfilling orders, and going to the last few Christmas markets, my last one this year being at Bishops Castle on 17th December. l shouldn't have said l would write a longer text later... Next time l won't promise. It was a very worthy period for the chocolates, many customers were reached, and except for one parcel which l know of which still hasn't arrived, everybody else as far as l know has received their parcel. l hope everyone has enjoyed /is enjoying their chocolates, and that you are feeling rested (or about to feel rested!) and are enjoying those few days of public holiday, except for those who still work shifts over that period, who have my deepest respect. It is the first time in years that l have had a non-panicked Christmas season at that late date, and l am pleased to know that if it hadn't been for developing the flu, l would be ready and eager to carry on doing chocolate work, when normally l can't even consider making a morsel of chocolate for several weeks after Christmas, because of having overloaded myself with late nights and early mornings. As it is, l have not had the flu for 5 years, nor developed a cough for over 10 years as l have been doing everything to avoid it happening. This time, a delightful Christmas Carol in a church saw me unconsciously going without a coat, or hat, and even though it was not cold, l had the muscle aches and the fever the next day. l thought it would be gone by Christmas, but it has been so long l have lost the habit of being rigorous about flu protocols, and since l have no markets, it is ok to feel a bit unwell and take it easy. As they say in homeopathy of which l follow the principles of, a cold or flu is a way for our body to get rid of its old toxins, so it is good to get one from time to time, to reboot our system. l will say having a fever is also useful as during it, l managed to get myself out of my conscious mind and felt l was in a different dimension for about 3h, which was very interesting and didn't involve any mind altering substances. l will do that again, come on the fever. My mother always gave us the same remedies when we had colds and flus, and they involved a very strong herbal tea with honey, which they call in France "La tisane des 4 voleurs" (The tisane of the 4 thieves) called like that because a story goes that those thiefs did not catch the plague during plague times and were able to rob bodies without getting sick themselves. The recipe varies, but our mother used to give us: Rosemary Thyme Sage Sariette (winter savoury?) but if l have some, l add oregano and lavender. Drunk hot with a lot of honey. It is very strong and unpalatable, but very helpful. She used to give us propolis to eat as well, so l have always some of that with me. And to keep the nose passage clear, there isn't better but using a neti pot with lightly salted water. My other go to: colloidal silver (sprayed in all sinus areas) and consuming extra magnesium. Well, so far headaches have nearly gone (a bit is left due to dehydration, naughty me hasn't drunk enough water) the muscles pains mostly gone, the nose is clear (one side) and even if it feels like l need to clear my lungs, this will happen as it comes out. It has been 6 days, and it is quite a luxury to allow myself some time off, and a good excuse to stay by the fire! So, this is my excuse to not having written you a blog, nor the inspiration to do anything amusing on Christmas day, which was of course spent by the fire. Now, l will post this video about coughing, which l was looking for to see how to loosen the mucus in lungs and help with clearing a cough faster: It is all very exciting on a chocolate website isn't it.... l wish you all a good end of year, and a fantastic coming new year, with compassion, love, kindness and higher vibrations in your life! PS l must warn that there is a missing menu in one of the MILK single selection boxes, and now l was really annoyed about that, a box went off and l have no idea who got it! The menu and Apostles drawing were missing!!!

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