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“What are all those Soundcloud gimmicks all over the place?”

Good question, asked from one of my regular made-up site visitors. You may have noticed this happening since January? This is joy, this is silliness, this is deep, shallow, floating and dancing, all at the same time. This is a sea’s adventure of a soul thriving in expression. It is what has kept me happy and grounded since I can remember. So…I wanted to share it with you! Life is all about chocolate but other things also nurture the spirit.

Please do not judge it too harshly. All the recordings are JUST improvisations. None of them are “proper songs or pieces” that have been thought about before hand nor worked on. It is what comes out in the instant, with some voice noises which I won’t call “singing”, but “vocal expression”.

One I also wanted to share, which I will not put on the main site pages, is an unexpected one that came up last year. A story of 2 persons who lost each other – I do not know the circumstances, nor who they were, they could have been family, lovers, or just friends. It came out, and it felt a lot better after coming out.

I was not going to share this, as I told the person it got out for that I would not; however, what is the point of drawing a painting, and keeping it in the cupboard for your children(if you have any) to find it and marvel at it when you are dead? (if anyone is to marvel at what one does, of course, which isn’t necessarily likely). It meant a lot to me and hence why it is coming up as a post on here. What it felt like, was something a lot of people in the West do not believe in, reincarnation. Whether it is or not does not matter. The important… is it came out.

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