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Armagnac prune purée filled Agen prunes dipped in chocolate 

Those plump and generous filled Pruneaux d’Agen are our trade mark and are not available like this anywhere in the world: they were the main product choice at the start of  Continuum Conceits   when we made 100 boxes for our first markets in Llandrindod Wells and Kington W.I., in December 2013, and sold about 5. Slowly and surely, they became one of our best sellers as customers discovered them.  

Available either as a pair, or in 6's, presented in a box with the Cahors Pont Valentré drawing.

 The prunes are stoned, filled with Armagnac prune purée, a recipe traditional of Agen, made with organic sugar and molasses; flavoured with jasmine tea and Armagnac (a regional grape alcohol)   they are then coated in 42% milk, 76% dark, or mixed milk and dark chocolate. 

Ingredients: Agen prunes, sugar, molasses, jasmine tea, Armagnac alcohol, corn starch, agar, vanilla extract, [Milk powder if dipped in milk chocolate].

Contains alcohol and
may contain traces of nuts.

Suitable for vegan diet in dark chocolate.


Armagnac prune purée Agen prunes in chocolate – Pruneaux d’Agen Fourrés