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The last bars of this batch are now on sale,  l will make a new batch in a few weeks. 


This recipe was inspired by "les cieux" one day l was thinking about our ancestors who most likely were of the Cathar faith, and l was talked or guided into putting this combination together of spices in dark chocolate, but as l like to meddle with things l also chose to add toasted buckwheat as it is an ancient grain they would have grown and eaten. The toasted buckwheat is a gluten-free grain, which adds a crunch and nuttiness to the mix.
The spices used in the Cathar chocolate are chilli or cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, and Atlantic grey sea salt - salt being the catalyst for the energy work and intention.

The mix is  unusual and was only supposed to be made in dark chocolate as for the original recipe, but as l am a soft touch l have also made it available in milk chocolate for those who do not like dark chocolate, and it also works very well in milk chocolate.

Ingredients: cocoa mass, sugar, (milk powder if milk chocolate version) vanilla extract, smoked paprika powder, chilli/cayenne pepper powder, Atlantic unrefined salt, toasted buckwheat.
~ May contain traces of nuts. Gluten-free.

Available in dark (76% cocoa content) or milk (42% cocoa content) chocolate.

The dark chocolate is suitable for vegan diet. 
The Dark chocolate is last week's stock,(some time in August) as announced on social media platform Instagram. (very exciting, 'check it out' as they like to say in exhuberant British English. That account will leave you wanting to know more!)


Cathar history was very troubled, despite their religion claiming they were the true Christians coming from the line of Jesus Christ - they viewed the Catholic church as the work of evil, and believed in dualism, as in the forces of Good being as prevalent as the forces of evil. They weren't interested in material gains unlike the Catholic church, and women had the right to become priests, or "perfects" as they were called, and women's views were considered just like the views of men.


They were a kind, gentle people and were so popular that the Catholic church got concerned by their spreading throughout France and Italy (and other countries) so it triggered the crusades against them, as well as later, the Inquisition.

Cathars were so strong with their beliefs that not many chose to convert to Catholicism to be saved, and most preferred to die in fight than turn their coats. There had been atrocious butchery coming from the Catholics - we must learn from history and not do those same mistakes again.
We must learn to recognise when our humanity is being threatened for profit.
People made slaves of fear. 
We must keep alert, and recognise the signs of any psychological war.
One to eradicate a lot of us.
Always ask yourself questions. Never be too proud. 
Is this real?

Learning to develop acceptance and compassion, accepting others choices and difference,  as well as letting go of the over greed of material gains, is what l learned from that Cathar history.


The intention with the Cathar tablette is to help the energy through quantum time, where time and space are not linear but is happening right now, and help them energetically to transform as history wanted it, quicker and with less pain. l am not sure we can change the past but we can offer prayers so the suffering is shortened, or that they receive more transformative, helpful energy during their passing and transformation from body to soul. Just like we can send prayers to those people who were victimised whom we feel a keenness to.


This tablette is a charity for the past - and a pleasure (god forbid) for the present - as, unlike them, we can indulge ourselves in a sensible manner, with much delight and joy.

Chocolat des Cathares – chilli spiced buckwheat chocolate

  •   76% Dark Chocolate

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