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The fruit and nut chocolate tablette is a compulsory choice for the chocolatier.  Who doesn't love this old favourite? (Except for my landlord and those who don't like chewy/crunchy chocolate!) 

 This one contains Spanish almonds , Turkish hazelnuts , Turkish green raisins , sultanas , and black raisins. 


You will notice on the photo that the dark chocolate batch is particularly outstanding looking. This is a trick of tempering which made the chocolate slightly red/brown, which l have not managed to master in 10 years of business.  It also contains crunchy raisins, as l wash all raisins and dry them at low temperature in the oven (no crunchy raisins in the milk chocolate batch)

Ingredients: cocoa mass, sugar, (milk powder if milk chocolate version) vanilla extract, toasted almonds, toasted hazelnuts, black and green raisins, sultanas.

Available in dark (76% cocoa content) or milk (42% cocoa content) chocolate.

The dark chocolate is suitable for vegan diet.

Sold by weight.

Fruit and nut chocolate

  •  41% Milk Chocolate,  76% Dark Chocolate

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