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This unusual chocolate confection is made with Moor heather honey: a very special, bubbly looking honey which is collected in hives on the moors above Old Radnor, where a large area of heather bushes and other wild flowers are, for the delight of bees. 

Heather honey has a distinctive, mediumly strong flavour, delicious and nutritious,  and cuts through in flavour best in the dark chocolate version. 
 In flavour strength, it isn't as strong as chestnut flower honey, (a very dark and extremely pungent honey, truly an acquired taste) or manuka honey. 
It is in between those and ordinary, spring flowers honey.

The honey and the pollen are collected by John Fletcher.

  l visited the moors and saw him at work, see blog if you would like to read more about it! 

The apples are from a neighbour near Canon Pyon and are Red Windsor eating apples, beautifully red but varying between red and a lighter red/green look. 
They are washed, sliced and dehydrated with no preservative or additive, on the premises. 

The result of all those carefully chosen ingredients is an outstanding and different chocolate bar which you will find nowhere else, all made using local ingredients except for the chocolate: a unique handmade gift. 

It is available in either dark chocolate, or milk and dark chocolate (one layer of dark chocolate on the front side of the tablette, then filled with milk chocolate.)

Ingredients: cocoa mass, sugar, (milk powder if milk chocolate version), raw and local heather honey, local pollen, dehydrated local apples, vanilla extract.
May contain traces of NUTS. 

Dark version is only suitable for vegan diet if the person does consumme honey. 

125g jars of John's heather honey are available on the tablettes drop-down menu. 

45g medium honey bars are available on the medium bars product page. 


Sold by weight@£62/kg. Limited stock available. 
As all the Continuum Conceits' products, no extra plastic is used in the packaging - the clear film is PLA. (plant starch)

Heather honey, pollen and apple

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