Those 45g medium bars are very popular with our market customers and are available as a mixed flavour set in milk, mixed  or in a set of milk and dark, and are now £3.50 each but are on special offer at £3 each in these sets of 6, 12 or 21.
l have changed the flavour of the 6 bars sent as l have nearly sold out of the others, it offers you the opportunity to try the other flavours which l have been jealously keeping away.

The 6 flavours offered are:

1) Cathare, (Chilli, smoked paprika, Atlantic sea salt, toasted buckwheat)

2) Albi, (toasted anise, cocoa nibs, currants) 

3) Local honey, apple and pollen (dark version NOT suitable for vegan diet ),
4) Île de Ré salted caramel  (cream, butter, sugar, Île de Ré salt; dark version NOT suitable for vegan diet)

5) Spicy white chocolate Mid-winter bar. (cinnamon, carob, cloves, nutmeg, mace, anise, licorice, coriander, black pepper, vanilla powders; rose, orange and bitter almond essence)
6) The most popular, fig, pistachio and cardamom.

All dark bars are suitable for vegan diet, except the caramel and the honey bar and will/may contains nuts/traces of nuts.


- The mixed set of 6 bars will be 3 dark, 2 milk and 1 white of all 6 flavours. As the white has no equivalent in dark, l cannot offer the set as all dark chocolate.

- The mixed set of 12 bars will be a random mixed set (could be 2 of the same flavour in milk and dark, but not 2 milk or 2 dark of the same flavour) of all bars, whatever is available.


- The dégustation collection of the 21 bars contains all 6 flavours with the addition of the following flavours :
7) Fig, pistachio and cardamom,

8) Candied ginger,

9) Hundred House Coffee, date and Hazelnut

10) Candied citrus peel (lemon, grapefruit, sweet orange, Seville orange, and tangerine peel)

11) Lavender

12) Fruit and nuts ( almonds, hazelnuts, green raisins, sultanas and raisins)

 All may contain traces of NUTS.
You will get 2 of each flavour: one milk, one dark, and one of the white chocolate - there is a saving of £3 on the lot. (normal price £63)

This is the first time the whole collection is for sale! 

Saying that, l am missing a bar with 100% cocoa contents... but that is more of an acquired taste.

(New)Medium bars selection

  • Mixed milk and dark chocolate, Milk chocolate

  • 6 bars £18, 12 bars £35, 21 bars £60