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Launched just before Christmas 2016, this unusual tablette acquired a fast popularity with the market customers who tried it and soon came back for more.
Conventionally grown unsalted  pistachio kernels are mixed with freshly ground cardamom seeds, and chopped Turkish figs. The cardamom gives a little crunch and the figs and the pistachios finish it in an unusual way.
 Freshly ground cardamom has a lot more camphor-like flavour in it, which is much weaker or even absent when we buy ready-ground cardamom as those aromas are volatile; it is why l ground the seeds myself and keep the powder in the fridge once ground.


Ingredients: cocoa mass, sugar, (milk powder if milk chocolate version) , pistachio nuts, chopped figs,  cardamom powder, vanilla extract.


Available in dark  (76% cocoa content) or milk (42% cocoa content) chocolate.

The dark chocolate is suitable for vegan diet.

 Sold by weight.


Pistachio, Cardamom and Fig – Pistache, Cardamome et Figue

  •   42% Milk Chocolate,   76% Dark Chocolate

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