This is the project of the year 2021, very exciting and fun, pot-luck chocolates flowers. Collect 101 points and win a free pot-luck chocolate!

Pot-luck chocolates are individual chocolates which could be any flavour, may or not contain nuts, and are  a small reproduction of some of the tablettes flavours. You can choose from dark or milk (or white) chocolate.

 The pot-lucks will be either :
1) Candied ginger
2) Candied citrus
3) Fruit and Nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, raisins, sultanas)
4) Lavender
5) Coffee, date and hazelnuts
6) Fig, pistachio and cardamom
7) Cathare (Chilli, smoked paprika, salt, buckwheat)
8) Albi (anise, cocoa nibs, currants)  
They MAY/will contain NUTS


White chocolate only:   toasted chopped almonds and bitter almond essence.

The dark chocolate pot-lucks are all suitable for vegan diets.

All the chocolates are in the shape of 5 different flowers  and they all vary in size, some are larger than others but they are all flat, unfilled chocolates.


The fun of the game comes when opening the sachet, on the back of the foil-wrapped chocolate you will find a little token, with a number on.
The number could be a  2, 5, 10, 20, 30, or a 1. The 1’s are rare, there are only 2 tokens per 38 tokens and the chocolate pot-lucks are all mixed up with different tokens so buying 14 doesn’t mean you would get a 1  –  it is pot-luck! 1’s are necessary in order to get a free pot-luck chocolate, so you have to gather 100 points or more, PLUS the 1 token,  to claim your free chocolate.


However, the fun doesn’t stop there: there is another token, even rarer than the 1 : the ‘GoldenTony*’ token. (1 token per 38 tokens)
There are no points on this token but it entitles you to claim a free medium bar of your choice, worth £3.50.


On photographic proof of you having got a Golden Tony, only usable once, l will send you a free bar of your choice with your next order.
 If you are not planning to order for quite a few weeks, you can either keep it till you do,  pay for postage, (it will be £3.30 second class as these bars will not fit in a narrow “large letter” parcel) or  pick up a free bar at our local markets if you are local.



Altogether, there are different tokens, and all 38 tokens add up to 322 points – so the free chocolate is not too far in the future. There is no time limit.


When packing the pot-lucks for you, l will chose a random flavour if you have ordered one or two,  one of each flavour if you order 8 (according to stocks), but over 8 you will get some doubles of some of the flavours. l do not know the token value - it is a hazard chocolate game!


P.s. every order over £35 will get a free pot-luck chocolate.

  *The Golden Tony comes from Green Drummers band, he was our drummer mascot and got into all sorts of trouble. He has infiltered himself into the chocolate business and the 12 apostles adventures. You can see him looking bored, hanging out the window on our home page “shop” picture, looking for mates to play loud music with. He is very happy now he is the king of the pot-lucks!

Pot-luck chocolates

  • Dark chocolate,   milk chocolate, white chocolate