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Pot-luck chocolate cards are a combination of artwork printed cards and chocolates, replicas of the flavour of the large tablettes, beautifully wrapped. You can choose from dark or milk chocolate. 
You have the option to buy single flavours, or an advantageous pack of 8 random pot-lucks for a special offer price of £15.50 which is under £2 per pot-luck. With those, you will receive 1 flavour of each, but if l have sold out of a certain flavour there may be a duplicated flavour in your pack as there are only 8 flavours available.

The flavours are as follow: 

Random flavour (any flavour will be picked)
Fruit and Nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, raisins, sultanas)
Coffee, date and hazelnuts
Candied ginger
Fig, pistachio and cardamom
Lavender (milk chocolate only)
Albi (anise, cocoa nibs, currants) 

Salted caramel 
Cathare (Chilli, smoked paprika, salt and buckwheat, in dark chocolate only)

All may contain TRACES OF NUTS.

The dark chocolate pot-lucks are all suitable for vegan diets except for the caramel which contains MILK.

Each pot-luck contains a hand-drawn printed card (32 in total) that depicts the Continuum Conceits' mascot, the "wagtail", on its adventures, inspired from both truth and fantasy. 

 The fun with the pot-lucks is collecting the artwork cards inside the sachets which you can swap with friends, but the fun doesn't stop there!  if you find one of the winning "Golden Tony" pictures* you win a FREE Medium bar of your choice worth £4! 

 Please note: To claim your medium bar, you will need to provide me with the number on the card and a photograph of it. It can only be claimed once and a winning card has no expiry date.


Every order over £40 will get a free pot-luck chocolate so you can sample the fun and fever of the collection!

  *The Golden Tony comes from Green Drummers band, he was our drummer mascot and got into all sorts of trouble. He has infiltered himself into the chocolate business and the 12 apostles adventures. You can see him looking bored, hanging out the window on our home page “shop” picture, looking for mates to play loud music with.
 He is very happy now he is still the top-chimp of the new pot-lucks, there was a talk of replacing him with a lady guitarist on the winning voucher... He wasn't pleased!

See the blog page for more details on how the pot-luck got their new look! 

Golden Tony vouchers claimed so far with proof of photo:



Chocolate and artwork collection - Pot-Lucks cards

  • Dark chocolate,   milk chocolate 

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