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Locally roasted coffee by Hundred House Coffee* in Shropshire, Tunisian dates and toasted, chopped Turkish hazelnuts, make this tablette into one of the favourites with our customers.
The coffee is both coarse and Turkish ground (extra fine), to give texture and flavour to this tablette and with the chopped hazelnuts, it makes this chocolate an exciting one for those who enjoy biting into chocolate. The soft Tunisian dates add a sweetness and a softness which make this bar very mouth-watering and complete.

Ingredients: cocoa mass, sugar, vanilla extract, chopped toasted hazelnuts, chopped dates, 'Vida' Hundred House coffee, coarse and fine.


Available in dark  (76% cocoa content) chocolate or Milk (42 % cocoa content).

Suitable for vegan diet in DARK chocolate.

 Sold by weight.

*Hundred House's organic coffee used to be purely a Peruvian origine, but in the last few years (without my noticing) they have actually made this organic blend from coffees from all around the world so it is now not a Peruvian only coffee as some of my labels still say, but a worldly coffee. 
Regardless of the label which some of which need updating, the coffee will be the same, delicious   coffee roasted with great care, in small batches, by this small company. 
If you wish to purchase this coffee at, the organic one l use is the blend called "Vida" , with a green label. Check them out if you want to taste some nice coffee.


Coffee, date and hazelnut – Café, datte et noisette

  •   76% Dark Chocolate

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