This tablette was created out of nowhere, using organic toasted aniseed which is light under the tooth unlike untoasted anise, organic cocoa nibs and organic currants.
It was originally created in milk chocolate and it was our favourite flavour – l will call it the original flavour. It works amazingly well together.

One of my market friends who never eats chocolate tried it, (he likes Cadbury’s)  and he simply told me it took him back to his childhood when he used to “steal” the anise sweets in his grand-mother’s pantry! Needless to say he ate it all and had a big smile on his face. l had conquered him with some chocolate at last!
The next batch he commented there wasn’t enough anise in, so l changed my recipe and left it to brew in the ethers for many months, till l was ready to make a batch for sale and find it a name.

The name Chocolat d’Albi kept coming to my head, because Albi is the first place in France where l found, in the local bakeries, a cake/bread made with added whole aniseeds, which isn’t generally very popular in French baking. Those cakes were very curious, they were boiled and then cooked in the oven, with a shiny surface, and quite chewy. Albi being one of the big Cathar towns, it created a link with our ancestors who adored a different god system to the Catholic religion, despite being Christians. (the believed in good and evil having the same strength and their women had the right to debate and were respected, as well as the priests worked like everyone else and had vows of poverty and living simply which wasn’t popular with the Catholic church).


The Chocolat des Cathares is coming soon, as soon as l have made a batch in milk chocolate (the original version is Dark chocolate) l will keep you informed!


The Albi chocolate is out at last, available online and at local markets, and for the purpose of dairy-free and vegan-friendly diets and not to get people to feel left out if they do not like milk chocolate, l am also presenting it in a 76% dark chocolate version. To be fair, it is also very nice.


Ingredients: cocoa mass, sugar, (milk powder if milk chocolate version) vanilla extract, toasted aniseed, cocoa nibs, washed and dried Greek currants. minimum 120g.

Tablette chocolat d’Albi – Anise, cocoa nibs and currants

  • 42% milk chocolate,  76% dark dhocolate