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A change of website - exciting news

Hello O new website, thank you for being here and thank you Alasdair for building it and dealing patiently with all my demands. You have done a great job and l am now enjoying learning Wix without the pressure of having to build the site myself! There is a change in the postage cost for the tablettes (bars) unfortunately, l was able to offer a large-letter size postage on the old website but don't seem to be able to on this site as it gets confused when adding a bigger item like a prune box, which cannot be sent as a large letter.

In the meantime, l have been blessed and delighted that the Hereford Times have come to my dedicated chocolate kitchen to do some videoing for World Chocolate day and Hatty was very courteous and made a nice job of this video editing, visible here: At the same time, Mary who came to visit the holiday cottage "the Cart shed" at Croft Farm (unrelated to the local charity) loved the chocolate very much, sent ma message and website details to Annalisa Barbieri who reviews chocolate (and writes about other subjects) in the Observer magazine.

Annalisa Barbieri ordered some chocolates, (being absent-minded l didn't realise it was her) loved the coffee bar and the fig bar she received... She is doing a review which is coming out this Sunday in the Observer magazine!. It will be my first official review, needless to tell you l am very grateful and excìted by the adventure and to be told by someone who has tasted some of the best, it is a great compliment!

It makes me smile, because (even though l haven’t read the review yet) l had sent some of my best chocolates a few years ago to one of those companies who give you a star system ‘Great taste 2019 *’ and paid them a high entry fee, to hear my chocolate was too much this, not enough that,(in fact the review was contradicting itself) and they had given me no stars!

Then again, their rated products end up in supermarkets, which is not where l want my product to throne... Thank you all , Thank you Alasdair, and thank you Chocolate for being in my life. Thank you for all the creative joy you bring me!

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