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About foods and life energy

When you physically put to your heart the food which has entered your life, it attunes the food to your vibrations and as a result it will do least harm and most good, as well as other things you don’t know about,”

I felt this, catching a packet of unloved organic Bulgar wheat. An inner dialogue starts.

“Wheat! Should I have you both tonight and tomorrow? I don’t think I should have you that often, because you are the cause of many gastric problems in the west, or so I have been told. How do I know I can trust you? How do I know you won’t bring me some disease, one I had not even thought about before? I don’t trust you, Wheat, I don’t know if you are good for me.” The wheat goes back in the cupboard.

How many foods get a similar feeling from me? Lots. I have become maniac of what may or not be good for me. Of course, it changes every 5 minutes with the latest trends I read in a book or on the internet.

Watching this reaction made me hold the rejected bulgar wheat packet, and bring it to my heart. Thanking it. Asking for its forgiveness for not having been “loving”. It’s when that connection happened, the wheat did what it does, the heart did what it does. they softened and vibrated at what felt such a nice frequency.

Feeling this made me realise it could be quite important to hold to our heart for a second, every food that comes into our homes, or what we are going to eat, or a silence which allows it to connect to our bodies and attune itself without need for any new-agey thoughts. But you knew that anyway, didn’t you… Aren’t we told we should thank our food before we eat it? Oui? Non? I remember about 1/100th of times. Don’t blame yourself – we forget.

However, earlier, as a treat, I held a piece of my Rose and Cashew Nut dark chocolate, close to my heart, and said to it: [ text missing…]

It is why, if you look on the About Page, you will see a video in the same continuum spirit.

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