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Easter eggs and hares

What exciting story could l tell you about the Easter eggs and the hares? How would you like to be entertained today? Once upon a time, in the spring, there were some eggs which had just been laid and on which the bird responsible for their laying, was sitting on. A few weeks after, some cracks were heard in the eggs.... The bird, marvelling at this sound, was observing the eggs with an eager eye. The birdlets hatched, and became big and strong adult birds. End of the story. So, what about the Easter eggs, l hear you say. Well, the eggs are there to represent the spring, the rebirth, with Eostre, the goddess of spring which sends her hares every year to check on Nature.. l don't know much about Eostre but she sounds a very reasonable goddess to have around, a lot more soothing than the crucified person on his cross. She reminds us to be joyful, and celebrate Nature and Life. You can read all about the Easter egg flavours on hte eggs page. Please note that they are on pre-order and any order with eggs will be posted in 2-3 weeks when they are done, and you will have to wait for the rest of your order. The hares are mostly done but their label hasn't been created yet. Will l get away with writing a chocolate blog without talking about the globalists? It looks like it!! Hooray! You have escaped some ranting! Thank you for reading,


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