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Catchy title: Ooof oooof

Hello friends and customers, and yet-to-be-customers, l am doing my best here, getting all those drawings and boxes done.

l am nearly ready, but not quite, the Apostles drawing has been a curse this year, yes, l have indeed cursed my poor Apostles for which l have no new ideas at all. So to celebrate those 10 years of business, l may as well use last year's Apostles picture.... The year of rest! l am joking. We can't have the same Apostles doing the same things. What are they up to again this year? [Warning, publicity note: Get yours now, you never know, one day they could become collector items.] So, l am going back to my cup of tea by the fire and my drawings, and you are going back to what you know how to do best: have an exciting, jumping around the room while laughing your ribs out, good time while feelings lots of gratitude (not just so you get to ascend, just because it makes life easier and ...quite a lot happier!) So... To recapitulate...We are packing tomorrow...Tonight, l must overdraw the 3 Apostles box drawings, send them to my wonderful printer down the road who will come back in haste l am sure, at 3 in the morning, with the right labels printed in the right numbers, and we will be packing boxes and getting the wrong number of chocolates in each box, for the rest of tomorrow.

Remember, there are only 35 Apostles boxes, but l can't put them all on the website, (as l need some for valued souls here) 25 large prune boxes only with the book look (wait till you see the photos) and not many either of the small boxes. (which don't come with the spine) SO, shall l say l will put them on the website... tomorrow? We need to pack and photographed one or two. Website work then, later... Well, a bientot!

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