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How l make the milk chocolate fruit and nuts tablettes bars

Here is a little summary in photos, of me making the fruit and nuts milk chocolate tablettes bars. l present, the ingredients!

  • organic milk and dark chocolate

  • organic sultanas

  • organic raisins

  • organic green khorog raisins (l choose organic because normal blonde raisins have sulfur dioxide in, which some of us are intolerant to)

  • organic toasted almonds

(To Annalisa Barbieri in case she were to read this, l know she likes blanched almonds from one of her articles. l do not blanch the almonds, they are only washed and then toasted - organic blanched almonds just do not taste as good, l tasted a lot when l worked in Survival Wholefoods! l may consider blanching them myself some time)

  • organic toasted hazelnuts

I melt the milk and dark chocolate and add the ingredients one by one, making sure there is plenty of each in it.

It is then stirred, tempered if it needs (in this case the tempering is done by adding enough cold ingredients in) and poured into the moulds!

It is great fun to make fruit and nuts but too many ingredients can make it awkward to pour into moulds.

Et voila the handmade, 'artisan' fruit and nuts bars! Very rustic.

l have not said on the video (below, 15 mins long) that l do try to spread the ingredients in the mould if too many nuts gather in one corner, but because it is handmade, it is often random which ingredients will be in a couple of squares, which as some kind customers said, makes it more exciting!

If you wish to visit the fruit and nut chocolate page, it is here.

Thank you for your time, a bientot! (ou sont les accents?! partis prendre leur souper!)

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