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A quick word with one of the suppliers whom we don’t order chocolate from anymore, made me wonder about the preciousness of chocolate, like the one of wine and other luxury items. The person on the phone, Mark, had said that the best chocolate was the latest one they were “working” with, not the one I now use, and it was utterly the top of the top of chocolates and that’s what I should be using because it was being talked about and was the new “in” product. When I asked if lecithin was used in it, he grumbled something, hesitated and said he didn’t think so but wasn’t sure. I just looked, and it has lecithin listed as one of the ingredients. Surely, if you love a product you sell that much, you would know what is involved in the ingredients of this world marvel, wouldn’t you?

Lecithin is an emulsifier used in most, really, most chocolates. I have rarely* found any chocolate in the commerce or in bulk that doesn’t contain it. It appears that lecithin coats the palate and makes chocolate a bit sticky, from what I have sampled in the past; also, it is mostly made of soya (GMO or not?) or in the case of organic chocolate, (usually) sunflower lecithin.

Our very returning customers and friends, family and staff are really pleased with the quality and taste of the organic, lecithin-free chocolate used in the confection. The dark is low in sugar, not bitter but has a really nice aroma. The milk is higher in cocoa contents than most milk chocolate, and so is the white chocolate:29.5% cocoa butter which is on the high-end of cocoa solids for that sort. What I wanted to use was a really good quality chocolate, that tastes great, that is organic, and that is all – the secret is then in creating recipes and putting ingredients together, freshly, and making a great tasting end product.

When Mark said that, it brought up thoughts of wanting to go against the trend: not following the latest fashionable products, but keeping with what works, and making it better every time, whilst still experimenting with other ingredients. Did he sound a bit peeved that we had gone elsewhere for our chocolate?!

[ note: I am posting this now, but if in the future Continuum Conceits decides to go all poncy, well, I may sneak back here and amend this post whilst nobody is looking, turn my vest and flutter my eyelids at Mark’s high-flying chocolate. That day, I will also wear a tight black suit, mascara, a Coco Chanel handbag to put my red lipstick in, and 6 inches tall, high heels. It will be great.] (????) (Someone has a fever…where are the ice cubes?)

*Montezuma’s doesn’t contain lecithin. In my feverish states I often wondered if they were using the same company I use, but as they state it is made in Britain, then, it can’t be. Can it.

PS: This post is high in ego-based opinions, and as my low-flying old band manager George used to say: “an opinion is like an arse, everybody’s got one” meaning… Opinions really don’t matter. They are no truth. However, oh, doesn’t it feel good to express them!!! Doesn’t it make us feel really important!

PPS: This post was edited about 200 times, so some of the opinions have been cut out.

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