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Where has she gone?

The person whose duty is to keep the website up to date has not advised me of stocks running low nor certain products being out of stock entirely, and this since many weeks. Where has she gone? Hum. Well, she is here, wondering how to start this blog without looking like someone who is doing their full-time business part-timely. It is lucky l had a new product to put on the website, which some of you may be joyful to hear is available, as it allowed me to see that most my products were out of stock (what happened? where did they go?) and l have now reset the stocks. New product, you say? What is it? It is an easy one l haven't yet sold on the website: packets of 500g Agen prunes, with their stones, and no preservatives, in their original Maison Roucadil packaging. The reason why l am selling those is explained at much great length on the product page: they are too much hard work to stone, to use for my filled prunes, and l can only do so much prune puree and l have too many bags. See the page for details. Available in 500g bags or sample sachets of 4 prunes. l should really make an effort to keep my product description pages short. However, most of the fun for me comes from written diarrhoea. l love it. l love writing. You don't have to read it all, or any at all. If l wanted to be more professional, l would shorten the text on the product descriptions to very little, and certainly not explain those prunes are being sold because they are too hard to work with. However, they are very tasty. Product wise, the Albi which is the chocolate combination with toasted aniseed, cocoa nibs and currants, is back and available in both milk and dark chocolate. The coffee date and hazelnut is available in milk chocolate again, due to popular demand, but l may have said that elsewhere already. What else is new? Product wise, nothing for the moment other than keeping up with my general stock. l have been busy gathering ingredients for my Christmas ganaches, and doing my best to do tablettes back stock so l can then forget about those (when they sell out there will be none made before the festivities as l will be too busy with boxes).

To give you an idea of my Apostles flavours, l have a lot more ingredients this year to play with, including quite a few local berries (gooseberries have gone to soak with pink peppercorns), some Cactus prickly pears from Spain soaking in alcohol with buckthorn juice, and there are blackberries, fresh mulberries, bilberries... and lots of ideas waiting! l want to concentrate on my Apostles drawings, which is being troublesome as l can't decide if they are in Peru or not, and whether someone is being sacrificed on the pyramid altar (by the old Incas) or not, with Bill Gates coming round offering them a GMO feathered tortoise to kill,(a "holy" tortoise) instead of the virgin child that he rather have for himself. l think this may be going a bit far, even though child trafficking is real and their adrenaline-blood drinking among some people is also going on. "Young virgins blood drinking makes you look younger", or so l have read. l don't find Klaus Swchwab particularly young looking, nor Bill gates or Macron. Macron is my age and he has a lot of wrinkles, cocaine can't be doing him much good. The French love him, that is all that matters. He gets booed when he goes in a stadium. Excellent. There are strange things happening on this planet, I think we are overpopulated with politicians and elites... Has anyone got a good depopulation plan idea? Good job the BBC is there to tell us what to think, l retract what l have just written, and will pretend l have never written it. l wish you all an exciting week, and a good evening. l will stop talking about alternative realities, one of those days. My favourite Earth is being cleaned, and people have woken up, and understood, that giving their arms out will not save them from going to "hell". They have understood and huge companies have gone down the pan, bankrupt, taken apart, and true doctors are showing their knowledge and helping people actually get healed, instead of getting side effects from pills. Oh, that world, is coming soon!! PS what did everyone think about the "wild" Maui fires, Mark Zucherkberg and that Oprah person wanting to buy the land that had burned, making it unaffordable for residents to have their homes back where they owned the land? Anybody noticed the blue coloured buildings/cars/items which didn't burn? And the elites buildings also "untouched" by the fires? Police blocking roads and redirecting the fleeing people back into the flames? Hum, is all l will say. Good old BBC keeping us disformed.

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