Who doesn't love soft caramel - and even more, within 2 layers of chocolate? 
Made with fresh ingredients, (organic cream and organic butter) the caramel is salted with Atlantic coast Ile-de-Re salt.

This tablettes were made especially for this coming festive season, to fulfil  my market customers* and give a treat to those who love that sort of thing and find it hard to find it elsewhere.  l thought it was only fair to share them with you online...

l won't do it now for another year, however the Easter eggs may well be presented to you with this option in a few months... If you are good!



Ingredients: cocoa mass*, sugar*, (milk powder if milk chocolate version) vanilla extract*, fresh cream*, butter*, Île de Ré salt. May contain traces of nuts

Available in dark (76% cocoa content) or milk (42% cocoa content) chocolate.

The dark chocolate is not suitable for vegan diet.

Sold by weight at £60/kg. (this is the most pricey of all tablettes - l have to, to stop customers buying it too quickly)


 PS: one of my very good customers from the Bishops Castle market had asked me for those bars since July this year and every month l have come to the market empty handed. Those are his favourite and he got a bit disgruntled with me.. sniff sniff.
  l told him l hadn't got time to make those bars lately as l was suddenly (thanks to Annalisa!) very busy.  (it isn't just an excuse because they take so long to make)  . He replied "Don't forget your home markets!" l had to remind him that l only did salted caramel for him, and that it had not always been available, that once upon a time he was very happy with the other flavours...   This is someone who could easily find another supply somewhere else. 

Île de Ré salted caramel

  • 42% milk chocolate,  76% dark dhocolate