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Who doesn't love soft caramel - and even more, within 2 layers of chocolate? 
Made with fresh, good quality ingredients, (non-homogenised cream, organic butter and organic sugar) the caramel is salted with Atlantic coast Île-de-Ré, grey salt.

l was not planning to make caramel more than once a year at Christmas and for Easter eggs fillings,  till Annalisa Barbieri reviewed it in her column  -   now l am "forced" by keen customers who won't leave me alone if l don't have it on offer, to have it as one of my permanent lines, which means l have got very practiced at making the caramel, which has been very useful. 



Ingredients: cocoa mass*, sugar*, (milk powder if milk chocolate version) vanilla extract*, fresh non-homogenised cream (sometimes organic but not always), butter*, Île de Ré salt. May contain traces of nuts

Available in dark (76% cocoa content) or milk (42% cocoa content) chocolate. The batches of milk chocolate vary,  as l am a fantasist chocolatier who enjoys following the moment's creativity regarding how much dark chocolate l add to it. This rule applies for all the milk chocolate on my site... it is always darker than as it comes in. 

Large tablettes are sold by weight at £63/kg.   
45g caramel-filled medium bars are also available on the medium bar product page.




Île de Ré salted caramel

  • Milk chocolate,  Dark chocolate 


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