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Updated: Sep 26, 2021


It feels very strange to be writing something on here rather than on social media ... Unlike on Instagram where it is forgotten the next day, the post will stay here till the next time l write, which could be a long time! l haven't much inspiration at the moment, being very busy with making and packing chocolate tablettes, which doesn't really make one want to sit down and write a long essay about the essence of the Continuum Conceits chocolates. Let's enjoy this moment together, as you are doing me the great honour in spending your precious time, reading this, when you could choose to go and read somewhere else. As l warn on my (video)channel, l would like to warn you to... please to be kind and considerate and if l say something foolish, or if l act foolishly, if you are capable of quietening your ego/mind so that it doesn't judge the personality which has written/spoken this word it would be very very kind and will be appreciated. l have always liked to open myself up. When we do open ourselves, we make ourselves vulnerable. Vulnerable to criticism, to shame, to being bullied, to being manipulated, and to all sorts of less than joyful, life experiences. Those experiences are nevertheless important for us to grow up and learn lessons. l was actually going to speak about chocolate, but it seems l have gone off on another trail. Expression is for me one of the most important aspects of this human life l "is" experiencing. Love of course should be more important, or as important - love is expressed, so maybe my idea of expression being the most important part of my life, is fitting in this case.

Do you like to express or do you rather hide your feelings and hope the situation heals with time or goes away? How important is expression, being heard, for you? l find it very strange to be a human, and experiencing emotions, hearing thoughts, seeing ideas and creations. It is strange, yet familiar, as if it has happened before, yet it also feels alien. In this life, l seem to play being a chocolatier in 'my' non-native England. For the moment, it is what makes me most happy. l have other desires, learning and experiencing sound healing, understanding the secret language of gestures and signs whilst working with energy, and expressing through voice, using words and sounds, and learning how to speak concisely, clearly. Feeling the connection with the Outer Life which is in us and all around us is also what l am seeking. Some of us call that "god". There are a lot of things l would like to take time experiencing. However, it takes a lot of time to meditate and attempt to quieten the mind so it ceases chattering and wonders in this moment. Are you seeking and wondering about your existence? I don't know if the comments are turned on or if you can comment, but you can tell me all about it, in the comments. Just don't all rush replying or there will be an internet stampede crash. We don't want that right now. In fact, l don't know anything about how to set up comments yet, and l have some chocolate packing to do, so l am sorry you won't be enjoying spending the next hour writing me a really long answer.

Ps l have tricked you into looking at this blog (maybe) by posting a photo of the White chocolate Fruit and Nuts special. They are all sold out now. Thank you for having been great. PPS l am not keen on emoticons, (or emojis they are called now) they make me feel a bit idiotic, but l will post one anyway :-) To the idiocy of the Ego which really doesn't like to look like an idiot. I always try to not hide it having been an idiot, so l can learn after l have got over feeling really ashamed of myself. Life is so funny! PPPS this is the last blog l ever post on my chocolate website with such personal content. PPPPS The previous PS is probably a lie

Very last pppppS: l have checked and see that there is a comment option on the page, but as l made a fake account to see if l could post something, the comment hyperlink doesn't do anything, so it seems that at least l, cannot comment on my post. This is definitely a good thing.

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