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Annalisa Barbieri’s chocolate review - Observer magazine 1/8/2021

This all started when 2 very nice guests and their dog visited my Landlady’s holiday cottage, ‘The Cart Shed’ * and we got talking about their love of France and the area they had a house in, which was only a few miles from where l came from!

They bought some chocolate as they had tried the samples, and a few weeks later, l got a huge order from Mary, who said the chocolate was so tasty she was stocking up, and what did l think if she gave my details to a columnist whom she followed in a newspaper?

I gave my agreement, thinking to myself rather pessimistically: ‘Nothing will come out of it, but it is worth a try, there are lots of amazing chocolatiers artisans out there that are a lot superior’ (ooooh the old paradigms and the old mental patterns and beliefs!) and so, Mary passed on the chocolate recommendation to Annalisa.

Annalisa put an order in, was it in July, and l had no idea who she was as l hadn't followed the link up, so l just sent the order as normal, with a little free sample as l do with most orders. A while later, Mary got an email from Annalisa which she was very excited about and shared with me; Annalisa WAS going to review both the pruneaux d’Agen, the Peruvian coffee, date and hazelnut bar and the Fig, pistachio and cardamom bar in a whole big huge review in the Observer's Sunday magazine!

Soon, l got a friendly email from Annalisa herself, warning me that my life may never be the same after this and l may not realise what had hit me.

Needless to tell you l was amazed, and l thanked Mary, Annalisa and Dr Joe Dispenza (in spirit as l don’t know him personally) for his good teachings of positivity and gratitude.

Thank you business and life have not been the same since!

The article can be viewed here as it is online on the Guardian’s newspaper website:

and l hear...that the chocolate (we do not know which yet) may get a new mention by Annalisa....on the column of the 23d January! .... l am very grateful, it is getting me back to work as l was having a jolly good break these last few weeks... ! My New Years resolutions are to make miracles happen, this year. Some have happened already :-)

* My landlady’s holiday cottage can be viewed on

It is all beautifully made by Mick and Rose. Mick made a lot of the wooden items, the table, one of the beds, the doors... great craftsman. l am not getting any commission from advertising their holiday cottage :) and they do not charge me any when they serve customers on my behalf! l am the luckiest tenant on Earth.

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