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Holiday - closed shop!

Good morning, l am going on holiday to the Lizard in Cornwall where Barry and l went 2 years ago, so it is very exciting as l had no holiday last year. It means in preparation for the holiday and building up the back stock to feed the website with, doing the markets and looking into packaging, l have not had time to prepare everything for you. l have lots to tell you, including my artwork accepted in an art gallery in Crickhowell! l will do the website after my time-off so you will be able to buy the Armagnac prunes, flavoured tablettes and other stock from the 15/16th. l apologise for the website getting gradually emptier since Easter! It has been very popular and busy, and l thank you for this. A happy week to you, and l do hope l get to meet a Lizard in Cornwall, but it is probably unlikely, one has to be in the right vibration to get to see those beings. Blessings to you, Alexandra

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