The home of French and British influenced artisan chocolates, handmade with high quality 
ethical ingredients in Herefordshire

Welcome to the Continuum Conceit's  website! 

l am in the process of backing up the tablette and bars stock for this coming winter, so l am removing the mystery boxes for now . They will come back at the end of November.
 It takes a long time to do everything and you have been wonderful buying (lashings) of chocolate, l need time now to do some packing work.
What is coming for the Midwinter period, or end of November, is the Apostles boxes of chocolates. Like last year, those will come with an Apostles Adventures drawing (l will get round to publishing the previous years adventures on a website page some time) , a hand-drawn menu of the chocolates,   32 chocolates for the Camembert boxes, and about 36 chocolates for the posh white boxes. They were very popular last year, both on the markets and online, but there will be in limited numbers.
There will also be some ganache filled Agen prunes boxes coming, as well as the Armagnac ones. The boxes will be of 6 and 10 prunes.
Thank you for your kind interest, and you have been brilliant with your orders, feedback and communication! My favourite customers :)



French Chocolate

Welcome to Continuum Conceits, home of the Franco-British confectionery, where you will find specialities and chocolates, made in the dedicated barn kitchen in Herefordshire, UK. Agen Prunes with a filling dipped in chocolate, chocolate tablettes (bars) with a centre or flavoured, 42% milk or 76% dark chocolate, pruneaux d’agen fourres , au chocolat.(Agen prunes with a filling, dipped in chocolate)

All the Continuum conceits chocolates and products are made using the freshest, finest, local and organic when possible, ethical, sometimes fairtrade ingredients. All confections are made in very small batches and hand-finished. Couture (sewn) chocolate – literally, as the fabrics are sewn onto the tablettes wrappers 

Enjoy your visit and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions using the contact page.